OA62 Pink Poppy Seedheads Collage
OA61 Lime Poppy Seedheads collage
OA69 Burnt Orange Poppy Collage
OA103 Silver Poppy Collage
OA66 Violet Seedheads Collage
OA67 Apple Teasel Collage
OA68 Stone Teasel Collage
OA101 Teal Seedheads Collage
OA102 Plum Seedheads Collage
OA65 Sunset Seedhead Collage
OA63 Blue Seedheads collage
OA64 Pink Seedheads collage






The simplicity of seedheads, black sillhouettes of poppies and teasels set against torn paper in seasonal contemporary colours. 

12cm x 12cm

white envelope and cello wrap


OA200 Queen Annes Lace Pink
OA201 Queen Anne's Lace Lime
OA202 Queen Anne's Lace Teal
OA203 Queen Anne's Lace Pebble